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Hotels in Athens Greece

Q. = I made a reservation for a hotel in Athens Greece form a list of Athens hotels or Greek hotels a travel agent or an internet site suggested to me. After getting there to my surprise the hotel did not meet the standards which was told I will be getting. Example there is no swimming pool, no private WC, and no tennis courts. Is the Athens hotel owner or Greek hotel owner responsible?

A. = The responsibility towards the consumer is entirely the organizer’s and/or the travel agency’s, that is to say the tourist agent, from which the customer bought the organized travel package, and this is even for the services that are not produced or provided by the organizer and or travel agent directly, but by other collaborating enterprises (example, hotels, organized excursions, transportation services, etc). Therefore beware when reserving a Athens hotel from an internet site.

Q. = What is the procedure to reserve a room or an apartment in one of the Athens hotels or in the Greek hotels in general?

A. = Customers should communicate with the owner or management of Athens hotels or Greek hotels and make his reservation request by phone or fax or email or by telegraph.

Q. = What is the usual procedure to make sure that a request has been accepted?

A. = Within 3 days, owners or management of the Athens hotels or Greek hotels in general, who are interested in your reservation should send you an answer to let you know if they accept the reservation for renting any of their rooms or apartments requested by the customers. Owners should answer in writing or by telegraph or email or by fax stating that they accept the reservation requested by the clients.

Q. = I made an inquiry about a couple of reservations I need in hotels in Athens Greece. What is a fair deposit one should pay for reservations in Athens hotels or in Greek hotels in general?
A. = The owners of Athens hotels or Greek hotels can ask an advance of up to 25% of the total of price of the stay for all the days reserved. The deposit though should not be inferior to the rent of one day. The reservation is considered complete with the payment of the deposit that was determined and with the written acceptance of the reservation by the hotel owner.

Q. = I made couple of reservations for different hotels in Athens
Greece. Can I cancel the reservations I made for any or some of the Athens hotels or generally Greek hotels?

A. = When one reserves rooms or apartments part of a complex of any Athens hotels or Greek hotels, to be used for a predetermined time period and the rooms are used for part of the period, the customer has to compensate the Athens hotel owner with half the price that was agreed for the period that was not used by the customer.

Q. = What if the customer informs in writing at least 21 days before the reservation dates that he has changed his plans?
A. = If the customer informs in writing the owner of any Athens hotels at least 21 days before the reservation dates, then the customer is exempted from the compensation he has to pay. The owner of any Athens hotels is obliged to return the deposit that was collected.

Q. = Should we understand that any reservation can be cancelled
21 days prior to the time of arrival and the customers are legible for full refund?

A. = Yes, this is correct.

Q. = I stayed overnight in a hotel in Athens Greece. I really liked this place and don’t want to leave this hotel which is cheaper than the other Athens hotels or generally Greek hotels. Do I have to leave?

A. = The renting of Athens rooms or Athens apartments part of a Greek hotel complex is considered to be for one day only, unless otherwise agreed between hotel owner and customer.

Q. = Concerning hotels in Athens Greece or Greek hotels, at what time does one have to leave Athens hotels or generally Greek hotels so that extra charges don’t occur?

A. = In the case that the Athens hotel owner or the customer wants to dissolve the lease agreement, the customer is obliged to vacate the Athens rooms or Athens apartments which are part of a Greek hotel complex not later than 12 o’clock noon. By staying in the rooms or apartments beyond 12 o’clock noon and not later than 18:00 o’clock the customer is obliged to pay half the rent. If the customer stays in the premises after 18:00 o’clock, he is obliged to pay the rent for the whole day. If the customer denies paying the rent, then the owner has the right to remove from the rooms or apartments, the customer’s and his luggage and or belongings.

Q. = I made a couple of reservations for Athens hotels in Greece. I will be arriving late in some of them. Do I have to pay for the whole day for renting these Athens hotels or generally Greek hotels?

A. = The predetermined day of arrival is calculated entirely as for the rent, not taking into consideration the time of arrival. So if you arrive say 1:00 am or at any time, you will have to pay for the whole day. The day of departure is not calculated, unless the customer does not vacate the room. He should vacate the room not later than 12 o’clock noon.

Q. = After making a reservation from a list of Athens hotels in Athens Greece, at my surprise there was a mix-up… The owner of one of the Athens hotels informs me that I don’t have a place to stay at the specific Athens hotel or Greek hotel? What are my rights?

A. =. The Athens hotel owner owes to have the rooms or apartments which are part of a Greek hotel complex, and which the customer reserved either by means of some type of writing, telegraph, fax, or email or with a contract.

Q. = What happens if the owner of one of the Athens hotels does not have the accommodation?

A. = If the owner does not have the accommodation which is reserved, the Athens hotel owner is obliged to ensure the customers’ stay in an other Greek hotel of same at least class, in the same city, and with the same comforts and conditions as those that are advertised for his own Athens hotel. Also in this case, the owner of one of the Athens hotels owes to pay the expenses of transport and the difference in price that by any chance may exists between his own hotel and the other one. If it is not possible to find an alternative hotel, the owner is obliged to refund the customer with the total of price of the stay for the whole period. It is prohibited for the owner of any Athens hotels or Greek hotels to accept a reservation from a group where more beds are needed that the ones the hotel is licensed for. If the owner accepts a reservation for more beds than what he is permitted, a demotion of the hotel category to an inferior class for one year may take place.

Q. = After getting to the hotel which I reserved from a list of Athens hotels in Greece, in the same area I found a better and cheaper hotel down the road. Should I pay for the rest of my reservation with first Athens hotel or generally Greek hotel?

A. = If a room is leased for a certain time, the Athens hotel owner doesn’t have the right to cancel the lease before the agreed time period, unless the customer: a) violates the hotel regulations b) has a disease or illness that is contagious or is suffering from other illness or disease that may cause nuisance to the remaining customers of the hotel c) Violates the common manners.

Respectively the customer has to: a) Accept the Athens room or Athens apartment which is part of the hotel complex that was reserved by himself or by his representative, unless this is not what he reserved. b) Keep the Athens apartment or room up to the end of reservation period that was agreed, otherwise the customer is obliged to compensate the owner with the sum equal to half the rent of all the rest of the days that were reserved, where the daily rent is the agreed price of an overnight stay. All of the above may also take effect in the case where the customer did not arrive at the Greek hotel at the predetermined date of arrival, except in extreme cases such as acts of god example earth quakes etc, and which has to be proved with concrete evidence. The lease agreement between Athens hotel owner and customer is considered fair and powerful, provided that there exists relative documentation or evidence, example a written reservation confirmation.

This article is designed to help customer who have questions about Athens hotels, or hotels in Athens or Greek hotels or hotel apartments and rooms. If you think there is something fishy about your reservation you can contact, E.O.T the Greek organization of tourism or the tourist police in Athens Greece.

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Hotels in Haridwar

The hilly region of Haridwar is famous amongst adventure enthusiasts. Spread across of the town, these Haridwar hotels offer decent lodging options to the travelers.

The Haridwar Hotels are painstakingly categorized into different types like heritage hotels, premium hotels, economy hotels and budget hotels. The advantage of categorizing hotels into these types is that travelers know very well which category will serve their purpose fairly.

The name of Haridwar city is counted among the seven holy cities of India. It is very famous among those tourists who are in search of salvation. In fact there are many devotees who take dips in River Ganga in Haridwar to purge their sins. Undoubtedly it is one of the main pilgrim centers. However this definition does not stop the pleasure travelers from paying visits to this city. The pleasure tourists too haunt it very frequently to bask in its pristine beauty. Further, business travelers are also visiting this city in Uttaranachal for negotiating big deals amidst calm ambience. However to provide comforts to every type of travelers in Haridwar a good number of hotels in Haridwar have been opened.

Hotel Alpana:

Alpana, Haridwar hotel is situated near to the bathing ghat that is Har-Ki-Pauri. The best thing about this hotel in Haridwar is that you will get a complete feeling of being in Haridwar the holy city. Hotels in Haridwar which are situated near the main market have and advantage as one get to shop locally for clothes, and famous food items from Mathurawala, Brajwasi. All places of religious interest are close to this Haridwar hotel. The feeling of being in Haridwar only comes only when one stays within walking distance of the Ghat.

Hotel Classic Residency:

Haridwar Hotel Classic Residency touted as one of the best hotels in Haridwar features 44 wonderfully well furnished rooms of which one is suite type. All the guestrooms are very spacious and boast of an array of modern amenities that comprise of running hot/cold water, cable color TV, direct dialing facility, daily newspaper, purified and filtered drinking water and balconies that give direct views of the spectacular region

Haveli Hari Ganga:

Haveli Hari Ganga in Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India) is a luxurious trip to the resurgence of the mind, body and soul. Ayurvedic yoga & meditation in Haridwar. The Haveli Hari Ganga, a beautiful heritage “Haveli” is situated on the banks of the Holy Ganga, a mere 500 meters walk through the Bazaar from the sacred “Har ki Pauri” at Haridwar. It stands at the gateway to the Devbhumi – the abode of the Gods and the “Char Dham Yatra”. The Haveli has been restored to recreate the old – world charm with modern day hospitality.

Hotel Alaknanda:

Hotel Alaknanda is one of the very popular economy hotels in Haridwar. Set amidst the pristine beauty of Haridwar, the hotel offers comfortable accommodations, along with an array of facilities and services. One will surely enjoy staying here.

Hotel Disney Inn

Hotel Disney Inn in Haridwar provides a cocoon of luxurious comfort for visitors to the holy town. The deluxe hotel provides guests with an ultimate stay experience, both in terms of luxury and comfort. It features state-of-the-art facilities for travellers. Visitors prefer the hotel for the impeccable service it delivers and the world-class facilities that it provides. Right elegantly appointed guest rooms and suites to dining, the hotel is second to none.

Hotel Himgiri International:

Hotel Himgiri situated in close proximity to the important tourist attractions and religious sites of Haridwar, Hotel Himgiri International, Haridwar is one of the favorite Budget Hotels in Haridwar that, is heavily thronged by tourists all throughout the year. The pocket friendly rates are a major factor for its soaring popularity.

Hotel Le Grand:

An exclusive luxury hotel in the heart of the Holy city Hardwar that offers every comfort with an easy reach. Le Grand is matched in a unique manner with the culture and ambience of the holy town. Its graceful architecture that fits in perfectly with the lovely backdrop of the hills and the greenery all around flows wonderfully into the interiors, ensuring comfort, service and relaxation to our customers.

Hotel Mansarovar International:

Hotel Mansarovar International is specially recognized for offering international standard of facilities and services. It is a very famous accommodation among the business and pleasure travelers.

Hotel Neelkanth:

Hotel Neelkanth in Haridwar is one of the famous economy hotels in Haridwar. Peeping over the Ganga canal and located very close to the Ghats and temples of Haridwar, Hotel Neelkanth is a pleasure hub for every pilgrim and tourist. It attracts them with its wide array of facilities and services that take care of their every aspect and guarantee best of time to them during stay in Haridwar. It is indeed an ideal gateway to discover the unblemished beauty of this holy place.

Hotel Pramila:

Hotel Pramila in Haridwar deserves special position among all the standard economy hotels in Haridwar. It entices all the business and pleasure travelers with its amazingly appointed guestrooms and unparalleled facilities and services. Located in the nerve center of the city, this hotel makes guests stay in Haridwar most memorable event of life. It is a cocoon of comfort in true sense.

Hotel Sachin International:

Sachin International in Haridwar features generously spaced and tastefully appointed guestrooms. Not for once will you feel you are away from the comforts of your home. The rooms are cozy and have an intimate ambience.

Hotel Shiv Murit:

Hotel Shiv Murit in Haridwar deserves special position among all the standard economy hotels in Haridwar. It entices all the business and pleasure travelers with its amazingly appointed guestrooms and unparalleled facilities and services. Located in the nerve center of the city, this hotel makes guests stay in Haridwar most memorable event of life. It is a cocoon of comfort in true sense.

Hotel Teerth:

Hotel Teerth The moment you enter the room, you have divine darshan of Ganga ji. That is religious view of the river. The bedrooms, have their own shower & toilet facilities, furnished in a modern decor, lift, Telephone, color TV with cable, In house restaurant & room service available.

Hotel Trishul:

Haridwar Hotel Trishul is an ideal retreat and this can very well be corroborated by taking a sneak peek at its several brilliantly appointed guestrooms. All the guestrooms are very beautiful and impress guests with its wide range of modern amenities that comprise of television, telephone, attached baths and running hot & cold water. On staying put in any of the rooms at this hotel guests are sure to experience heavenly comforts.

Hotel Vasundhara:

Hotel Vasundhara has become the pioneer in the hotel industry in Hardwar.Beautifully decorated Reception and spacious Lobby with a fine synthesis of style and grace giving a feel of quite and calm atmosphere. Hospitality with fragrance of Indian Culture is at your service. Where you are the boss to be obliged by the hospitality matching star luxury standards to make your stay a comfortable and peaceful one.

Sagar Ganga Resort:

Sagar Ganga Resorts is one of the most popular and leading hotels in Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India). Haridwar stands at the gateway to the four pilgrimages of Uttarakhand and has always remained as a major Shaktipeeth for the devotees.

Sagar Ganga is situated on the banks of River Ganga, the holiest of all rivers, just 1 km from the Railway Station and bus Stand, and 1.5 kms from “Har Ki Pauri”. The most sacred place in Haridway.Sagar Ganga is an exclusive heritage property, which belonged formerly to the Maharaja of Nepal. It has spacious rooms with attached balconies overlooking the Ganga and a private bathing ghat.

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